Consumer Buying Behavior

Decoding Consumer Buying Behavior Amid COVID-19 Crisis

Like we are all aware, the consumer currently has got confined to their respective homes during the lockdown period.┬áThe central aspect revolving around consumer behaviour shall be how the businesses carefully and empathetically deliver multiple experiences, including goods and services. The global impact of coronavirus has turned people’s lives and livelihoods upside down in a […]

How Has Corona Virus Impacted The Indian Legal System?

How Has Coronavirus Impacted The Indian Legal System?

From memes to videos, from news links to social media statuses, from vigorous debates and discussions to social media forwards on relevant precautions, COVID-19 has been the singular topic of discussion and concern for people around the world. The virus, also termed as SARSnCov2, tends to directly attack Corona the respiratory systems of humans which […]