Industries are likely to start after lockdown of 21 days by Reuters

India planning to resume manufacturing even the lockdown continues

India planning to  start manufacturing amidst lockdown. A happy news for manufacturers in India It seems to be a ray of hope as India is planning to start some manufacturing units to level the damage caused by the Coronavirus lockdown. It was verified by two government sources. 21 days lockdown has crippled the largest population […]

Rebuilding rental properties

Hubloft – Make the most of your second home

Hubloft – Make the most of your second home   Hubloft is an online platform where guests can book a short term rental while travelling to Kerala rather than a conventional hotel room while the homeowners can earn an extra income from their home.    The company was founded by two ex-Airbnb employees – Raiyaan […]

Modi extended lockdown Kejriwal says

Kejriwal says Lockdown Is Extended

  Coronavirus in India update: Prime Minister Narendra Modi will decide on extending a three-week national lockdown beyond April 14 after at least three chief ministers advised him to do so in a meeting conducted over video on Saturday. According to the Health Ministry, confirmed cases jumped to 7,447 and the death toll climbed to 239. “The decision to continue the lockdown should be taken […]

Flora fly helps women to earn at home by the blogstory. Contact today

Women – Earn With Flora Fly

Earn with Flora Fly. Need to Strengthen Women Empowerment  The principle of gender equality is enshrined in the Indian Constitution in its Preamble, Fundamental Rights, Fundamental Duties and Directive Principles. The Constitution not only grants equality to women, but also empowers the State to adopt measures of positive discrimination in favour of women. Why self […]

Cognizant withdraws guidance by the blog story

Mark of recession – Cognizant Withdraw Guidance

In a major move, a company Cognizant which has never withdrawn it’s guidance, it is first the Cognizant is withdrawing it guidance of 2020. Is it a mark of recession. Recession is on the footstep  Cognizant Technology Solutions is withdrawing its 2020 guidance (outlook) that was provided on February 5, given the ‘unprecedented’ nature of […]

Post Covid19 Protocol At Workplaces

Post Covid19 Protocol At Workplaces

Covid19 has impacted everyone’s  live in drastic manners. Post Covid19 Protocol at workplace will strictly adhered. World will change it’s course Stricter levels of checking at all public transports will be ensured. It is proposed that post Covid19 there will be Virus checking machines at the entry points of the buses, which ensure the safety […]

Balanced mind is key to avoid negativity and stress by theblogstory

Avoid negativity and stress during Lockdown Covid19

Negativity increased during Covid19 lockdown One of the easiest way is to pamper yourself. When we are bracing ourselves to fight Covid19 , another point is to fight negativity and stress. It has been seen that people are more and more getting adapted to stress and negativity due lockdown. Here are some tips to avoid […]

Aviation sector post covid 19 by theblogstory

How about Mid Air Social Distance After Covid19

The aviation and ecommerce sector is already crippled by the pandemic COVID19. How it change the aviation sector  The aviation sector will opened on 15th April, but the social distancing and other norms will be imposed on the air bound travellers. One cannot buy easily from the duty free outlets.   From planes flying at […]

WhatsApp is creating restrictions by theblogstory

WhatsApp Is Imposing Restrictions To Avoid Misinformation

WhatsApp to impose restrictions M and Spam In By Various Social Media Channels Including WhatsApp and FACEBOOK  the advent of digital media, information and misinformation both spread quickly.So, leaders in communication, WhatsApp is now applying restrictions on users. In the tough times of Coronavirus epidemic, it is seen that major misinformation is spread on the […]

Be At Home, Be Healthy During Covid19 Times

Be At Home, Be Healthy During Covid19 Times

Health and Fitness Apps During  Covid19 Times Pandemic which has brushed the world has left some positive notes also. Currently we are suffering during Coronavirus, a respiratory disease which has caused havoc among nations. Lockdown and home during Covid19 Struggle to get out of bed Yes, in the morning I feel why to get up , […]