Zimyo HR Saas tools by the log story

How Zimyo Is Transforming HR World

  When we look at the  modern day management  of the company, it includes managing the company through office premises as well as remotely.    We have seen that the foundation and future of the company is laid on the HR Department. It includes basic work distribution to employee performance to appraisals.  HR has moved […]

Industries are likely to start after lockdown of 21 days by Reuters

India planning to resume manufacturing even the lockdown continues

India planning to  start manufacturing amidst lockdown. A happy news for manufacturers in India It seems to be a ray of hope as India is planning to start some manufacturing units to level the damage caused by the Coronavirus lockdown. It was verified by two government sources. 21 days lockdown has crippled the largest population […]

Modi extended lockdown Kejriwal says

Kejriwal says Lockdown Is Extended

  Coronavirus in India update: Prime Minister Narendra Modi will decide on extending a three-week national lockdown beyond April 14 after at least three chief ministers advised him to do so in a meeting conducted over video on Saturday. According to the Health Ministry, confirmed cases jumped to 7,447 and the death toll climbed to 239. “The decision to continue the lockdown should be taken […]

GigKYC: The Next Gen Way To Make Workplaces Safer

GigKYC: The Next Gen Way To Make Workplaces Safer   Things go from bad to worse when fake recruiters and con men use job portals or other resources to play out their fraudulence. Or, otherwise, when they exploit their hirees. However tight we secure the hiring process, they still slip through a lot. While it […]