Pride of India – Startup with nano solution for wastewater

At the recent Science Congress, there was one startup who bagged the “Best Startup Pride Of India 2020” award. The award function was held at “Indian Science Congress 2020”. The basis of the startup was to provide a solution for the reduction of the wastewater. It has been seen in 2011, in Tamilnadu that thousands […]

5 Magic Tips For Entrepreneurs And Startups

5 Magic Tips For Entrepreneurs and Startups  In today’s world it is very easy to bring home the paycheck. It is no surprise, that the most successful persons in the world, who have achieved success have something in common and that is adding a sense of difference. It includes that how they motivate their employees […]

DGCA called “Fool” & “Stupid” By Boeing Staff

DGCA called “Fool” & “Stupid” By Boeing Staff Latest bunch of documents which revealed by the “Boeing” revealed that DGCA was called ” Fool and Stupid”. It has been revealed by secret documents which reveals the same. In early 2019, the 737X Max planes were grounded by two fatal accidents which involves killing of around […]

E – Scooter Flee From Grofers and Goes to Big Basket

The news is out and Big Basket is coming up with the E – Scooter fleet which is aimed at Delhi, Hyderabad and Mumbai. These scooters are powered by Ampere. It is surprising for the online readers, that the biggest rival of Big Basket is Grofers. And currently they are facing challenges for the E-Scooter […]

IT Raids At OYO  – Taxmen Calling

IT Raids At OYO  It seems that “All’s not well at OYO” Taxmen calling at OYO Oyo is the third most valued startup in India and it appears that the can of worms has been opened. This softbank backed success hotel venture is now running into the troubled water. There are chances of IT raids […]

Reliance Launching Its New Ecommerce Venture – JioMart

Reliance Retail, part of Reliance Industries has launched its online grocery store by the name of JioMart. USP of the online store that it will give leverage to the kirana stores. Reliance is a home player so it won’t have any issues with the FDI rules. On the other hand, Amazon has to look for […]

 Ways to think differently if you are millionaire

Ways to think differently if you are millionaire   What do you think the powerful people possess , they have nothing special but they are spontaneous to act. We all have that in us , and this is most powerful thing in the world and that is brain.You are born with it and super ability […]


As depression is taking toll on the masses, and so many people are apparently depressed for various reasons. So, it is time to take mental health on a SOS mode The culture we have created has made us dumb and scared to talk about our own feelings. We cannot talk freely about how we are […]