5 Things which we can do during lockdown

There are tough times, happy times and there are weird times. Coronavirus is the pandemic which has made the world suffer. It has collapsed the economy and now we all under lockdown. Coronavirus is made the world stand still. The countries are into deep crisis but we all need to be hopeful during this deadly […]

BookKeeper - Leaders In The Digital Financial Accounting System

Book Keeper – Digitalisation of Accounting System

Digital Accounting App – This is the latest Buzzword is used for more than a decade now. Now, it is time to amalgamate into the accounting systems also. Traditionally,there are so many ways to keep account books.Digitalisation is restructuring and reformatting of the financial services. This is refer as restyling of the financial services. Financial […]

Senior Advocate Late Shri P. P. Rao

A Heartfelt Tribute To Shri P.P. Rao, Sr. Advocate, Jurist & Expert In Constitutional And Administrative Law

The entire Indian Legal System inclusive of Bench, Bar and Legal Educational Institutions lost a great senior advocate, jurist, legal academician and the expert in Constitutional Law and Service jurisprudence, in the middle of the month September 2017, when we all came across the sad news of passing away of Shri P.P. Rao, resulting into […]

Forbes List Presented By the Blogstory

Indian Startups Dominate Forbes 30 Under 30 List

Indian Startups Dominate Forbes 30 Under 30 List Everything which is old is new again. Every year Forbes has a series of list which is represents the achievers in the various sectors. This year also the list is out and it has been seen the dominance of the Indian Startups Buddies. They dominated the awards […]

Artificial Intelligence Chinese Company Closing Down In United Stated

Chinese AI Startup closing in US

Chinese AI startup is said to be closing the Santa Clara operations it’s HQ. Clouds Mind Technology Inc. is slashing jobs in the range of 175 to 225. It was told to Reuters that Beijing based Artificial Intelligence company is closing down its operations in Santa Clara. It is said that CloudMinds is the latest […]

This AI based startup already predicted about the Coronavirus

This AI based startup already predicted about the Coronavirus WHO is said to predict about the coronavirus but this AI startup has already about the Coronavirus outbreak. Now the researchers from all the three continents are said to search the vaccines for the coronavirus.  Although the Chinese agencies have already searched for the real causative […]

Zomato India Acquires Uber Eats Raises $30 Million

Gurugram based Zomato India acquired by Uber Eats All stock transactions was announced on Tuesday. It gives Uber a 9.99 % stake in Zomato. All the customer details, such as order, pickup, delivery and others will be transferred to Uber and it will further redirect to Zomato. This will continue for the period of six […]

Startup Summit At Kerala – KSUM’s Latest Bid

Startup Kerala Summit is all set to begin and it will be held at Feb 7th and 8th at Marriot, Kochi. As part of the summit, KUSUM is hosting the startup pitches and sessions of the investor Cafe. For HNIs clients, the summit is dedicated by the Startup Angels. It was announced on December 2019, […]

No Plastic Packman Reaches Revenue of 20 crore in Couple of Months

No Plastic Packman Reaches Revenue of 20 crore in Couple of Months We have seen in so many fiction stories like Avengers, Superman or Batman, someone comes and saves the Earth. Now our desi Packman comes and he is saving Earth by saying no to plastic for delivery of goods. He is aligned with Amazon, […]

Satya Nadella says CAA can raise concern

Satya Nadella says “Maybe a Bangladeshi can have an unicorn startup in India” He is voicing concern over the current Citizenship Amendment Bill and he also said that Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft has raised concern over CAA. CAA came into force from 18th January and he says that startup created by Bangladeshi immigrant is […]