Aviation sector post covid 19 by theblogstory

How about Mid Air Social Distance After Covid19

The aviation and ecommerce sector is already crippled by the pandemic COVID19. How it change the aviation sector  The aviation sector will opened on 15th April, but the social distancing and other norms will be imposed on the air bound travellers. One cannot buy easily from the duty free outlets.   From planes flying at […]

WhatsApp is creating restrictions by theblogstory

WhatsApp Is Imposing Restrictions To Avoid Misinformation

WhatsApp to impose restrictions M and Spam In By Various Social Media Channels Including WhatsApp and FACEBOOK  the advent of digital media, information and misinformation both spread quickly.So, leaders in communication, WhatsApp is now applying restrictions on users. In the tough times of Coronavirus epidemic, it is seen that major misinformation is spread on the […]

How This Digital Marketing Enthusiast Single Handedly Helped His Clients and also People With Food during Covid19 Times | Hussain Kalsekar

How This Digital Marketing Enthusiast Single Handedly Helped People With Food during Covid19 Times   The world is sweeper by the deadly pandemic called Coronavirus. It has created a serious situation all around the world. Countries are opting for isolation and lockdown as the pandemic severs.   In this grave situation, one digital marketing enthusiast […]

How to create sellable content online

How to curate sellable content online

How to curate sellable content online The above stated statement has various pointers to be investigated. I have completed my research and gathered some treasure of creating sellable content . It is not necessary that content should contain ample keywords but it should surely have the things which are mentioned below: * Know your niche […]

Ankit Ohlan - Founder of Imagin Penguins

Imagine Penguins’ School ERP Minimizes Communication Gap!

Imagine Penguins’ School ERP Minimizes Communication Gap! Communication is an essential skill in life. Plus, it’s important to send and receive messages with clarity. For communication to work, everyone needs to know what is expected of them and why those expectations exist. Nowadays, there is an unsaid requirement for educational institutes to evolve keeping a […]

How Online Gaming Is Kicking Off During Quarantine Time

Lockdown has left everyone at home, so we have plentyful of time and bountiful to eat. Covid19 has given one more boon, online gaming spike. Rather it has been that people are spending more and more time on online Gaming. At this time, where people have been locked up inside the homes due to Covid19, […]

21 days Lockdown Or 21 Days Think About Yourself

Lockdown due to coronavirus has impacted our lives in positive and negative manners. If we look, it is more on the positive side as we have time to ponder upon overselves. Enhance Parenting Skills For mother’s, they can enhance skilll related to parenting, teaching and cooking as maintaining home is quite tedious task along with […]

New York City

The Home To Assorted Gastronomic Delights, New York!

Oh! Did You Just Say, New York? Undoubtedly, home to assorted gastronomic delights, New York is the ultimate stop for foodies all across the globe. From cheap eats to Michelin-star restaurants, the Big Apple has an immaculate variety to offer, for instance. And, here I got an opportunity to discover and visit them all. Now, […]

Positive News Passengers can book air and travel tickets from 15th April Onwards

Centre has indicated that there will be possibly no extension of lockdown which was caused due to pandemic of coronavirus. It has gripped the  whole world, but it seems that things are getting back on track, which were halted due to coronavirus and lockdown.  Centre is opening railways and air ticketing since 15th April  Centre has […]

69 Million MSME’s may shut shop during lockdown

A distraught condition in the Indian MSME’s which are about to  shutdown if the lockdown during pandemic of coronavirus persists. It seems that the lockdown can persists for the longer period of time as well, which can be four to eight weeks and many of the small scale sector will be facing cash crunch. It […]