The Story Of Memory

Memories are part of our past and visualisation of our future. Our memory is coherance. It guides us how to move on. Our brain is filled with memories of past, some are happy, sad or some have no emotions at all. Since childhood we accumulate memories and it gives us sense of well being. Our […]

How to Make Money On TikTok App

  HOW TO MAKE MONEY ON TIKTOK Why is that? Well, TikTok has a lot of interest right now and not a lot of content. So those who are creating content are seeing crazy views and some people are going viral literally overnight. Here’s the thing… the same thing happened with Instagram just a few years […]

F&B  requires passes to deliver essential to common people 

F&B  requires passes to deliver essential to common people   Large companies like Britannia, Parle, Dabur, #Nestle  and others want passes to clear the check points.And also others want it to be coined as the essential sector.  In the recent pandemic, consumers are also involved in panic buying. To avoid this drastic situation, F & B […]

How Has Corona Virus Impacted The Indian Legal System?

How Has Coronavirus Impacted The Indian Legal System?

From memes to videos, from news links to social media statuses, from vigorous debates and discussions to social media forwards on relevant precautions, COVID-19 has been the singular topic of discussion and concern for people around the world. The virus, also termed as SARSnCov2, tends to directly attack Corona the respiratory systems of humans which […]

Ecommerce will be up and running soon

In an eventful news, ecommerce will be up and running soon. This is positive news for the logistics and ecommerce firms. Several online commerce companies including Flipkart, Snapdeal and Paytm Mall are preparing to resume full operations from April 20, after the ministry of home affairs (MHA) released a set of revised guidelines for services […]

Million of damaged mobiles, refrigerators and electrical appliances are here for repair

Millions of damaged mobiles, refrigerators and other electrical appliances have been piled up for repairs. Standstill of world during Covid 19  Electronic world has seen a new challenge, around 70,000 mobiles and other electrical appliances are piled up during the lockdown period in India. As the summers are approaching, more and more people are opting […]

Increase in voice calls during lockdown

India has seen surge in voice calls during the lockdown period. One of the key reason is to avoid boredom as we are isolated and sitting back at home. One of the inputs from the Sales Manager Preeti Ghosh,  that she tried to rebond with her friend , whom she has lost contact 16 years […]

Rebuilding rental properties

Hubloft – Make the most of your second home

Hubloft – Make the most of your second home   Hubloft is an online platform where guests can book a short term rental while travelling to Kerala rather than a conventional hotel room while the homeowners can earn an extra income from their home.    The company was founded by two ex-Airbnb employees – Raiyaan […]

Flora fly helps women to earn at home by the blogstory. Contact today

Women – Earn With Flora Fly

Earn with Flora Fly. Need to Strengthen Women Empowerment  The principle of gender equality is enshrined in the Indian Constitution in its Preamble, Fundamental Rights, Fundamental Duties and Directive Principles. The Constitution not only grants equality to women, but also empowers the State to adopt measures of positive discrimination in favour of women. Why self […]

Post Covid19 Protocol At Workplaces

Covid19 has impacted everyone’s  live in drastic manners. Post Covid19 Protocol at workplace will strictly adhered. World will change it’s course Stricter levels of checking at all public transports will be ensured. It is proposed that post Covid19 there will be Virus checking machines at the entry points of the buses, which ensure the safety […]