Why Branding Needs Effective PR Communications 

There are major changes rather than transition after the Covid 19 pandemic and all the companies are looking forward to the online Digital PR activities.  These activities once considered as the dark horses now come out as the stallions of the industry.The COVID 19 pandemic and its ramified impact will change  the PR as we […]

Zimyo HR Saas tools by the log story

How Zimyo Is Transforming HR World

  When we look at the  modern day management  of the company, it includes managing the company through office premises as well as remotely.    We have seen that the foundation and future of the company is laid on the HR Department. It includes basic work distribution to employee performance to appraisals.  HR has moved […]

Rebuilding rental properties

Hubloft – Make the most of your second home

Hubloft – Make the most of your second home   Hubloft is an online platform where guests can book a short term rental while travelling to Kerala rather than a conventional hotel room while the homeowners can earn an extra income from their home.    The company was founded by two ex-Airbnb employees – Raiyaan […]

Ankit Ohlan - Founder of Imagin Penguins

Imagine Penguins’ School ERP Minimizes Communication Gap!

Imagine Penguins’ School ERP Minimizes Communication Gap! Communication is an essential skill in life. Plus, it’s important to send and receive messages with clarity. For communication to work, everyone needs to know what is expected of them and why those expectations exist. Nowadays, there is an unsaid requirement for educational institutes to evolve keeping a […]

BookKeeper - Leaders In The Digital Financial Accounting System

Book Keeper – Digitalisation of Accounting System

Digital Accounting App – This is the latest Buzzword is used for more than a decade now. Now, it is time to amalgamate into the accounting systems also. Traditionally,there are so many ways to keep account books.Digitalisation is restructuring and reformatting of the financial services. This is refer as restyling of the financial services. Financial […]

This Rs 320 Cr fashion brand sounds international but manufactures in Ludhiana

This Rs 320 Cr fashion brand sounds international but manufactures in Ludhiana In the 1980s, entrepreneur CL Duggar Jain realised that the Indian market for Western-style women’s clothing was ruled by Chinese and Thai imports.Madame, an Indian brand, sounds like International clothing brand, is situated at Ludhiana. It provides fashionable clothing range for women. He […]

Monk Metrics - Google ranking with ease

Monk Metrics – Rank With Ease

MonkMetrics – Leading SEO Agency In India Here are some snippets about Monk Metrics SEO was the shady practice of stuffing keywords, tweaking back-end code and spamming links until you started ranking well for the keywords you wanted. Thankfully, the scenarios have changed now. Read on to find out what Mukesh Kumar & Ulhas Sakhare, […]

OYO to sack thousands of employees

Oyo is restructuring and it is also planning to sack thousands of employees. It has been reported through Bloomberg that Oyo is terminating thousands of employees. It has been said that US and China employees will also suffer from this major development at the Oyo.  More than 25,000 employees will be affected by this development. […]

Why Turbostart Wants Indian Startups and Become Bodhi Tree

Indian startups surface on the river and disappear into the ocean but Turbostart wants each of Indian startup to stay and become Bodhi Tree.  India is becoming one of the largest ecosystem in the world for the startups. It has influx of numerous seedlings of both hard-shells and soft shells. The statistics says that total […]

Forbes List Presented By the Blogstory

Indian Startups Dominate Forbes 30 Under 30 List

Indian Startups Dominate Forbes 30 Under 30 List Everything which is old is new again. Every year Forbes has a series of list which is represents the achievers in the various sectors. This year also the list is out and it has been seen the dominance of the Indian Startups Buddies. They dominated the awards […]