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Google to Invest 10 Billion Dollars In India

Google is investing 10 Billion, and it is planning to spend that money on digital marketing. Sundar Pichai, head of Google, makes this announcement, and it has seen that the funds will be utilized in buying stakes in the digital marketing companies. It comes after 12 rounds of funding of Jio, and it is also […]

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Women – Earn With Flora Fly

Earn with Flora Fly. Need to Strengthen Women Empowerment  The principle of gender equality is enshrined in the Indian Constitution in its Preamble, Fundamental Rights, Fundamental Duties and Directive Principles. The Constitution not only grants equality to women, but also empowers the State to adopt measures of positive discrimination in favour of women. Why self […]

Coronavirus scare in Delhi

Coronavirus scare in Delhi Primary Schools

The cat is on loose and Coronavirus scare is in the whole Delhi city. No holi in the city and the Modi tries to deters from the Brussels visit. One of the key aspect of the Gurugram coronavirus is that the Paytm employee has the coronavirus scare and Italian residents have the maximum scare. Meanwhile […]

Why Turbostart Wants Indian Startups and Become Bodhi Tree

Indian startups surface on the river and disappear into the ocean but Turbostart wants each of Indian startup to stay and become Bodhi Tree.  India is becoming one of the largest ecosystem in the world for the startups. It has influx of numerous seedlings of both hard-shells and soft shells. The statistics says that total […]

Bizongo Raises $ 30 Million Is To Expand Market 

Bizongo Raises $ 30 Million Is To Expand Market  Switzerland based hedge fund Schroder Adveq led the funding round   What is Bizongo    It is a B2B online marketplace offering packaging materials. It is a Mumbai based startup and they had a first round of funding which was completed on 27 January. After the […]

Zomato India Acquires Uber Eats Raises $30 Million

Gurugram based Zomato India acquired by Uber Eats All stock transactions was announced on Tuesday. It gives Uber a 9.99 % stake in Zomato. All the customer details, such as order, pickup, delivery and others will be transferred to Uber and it will further redirect to Zomato. This will continue for the period of six […]

Startup Summit At Kerala – KSUM’s Latest Bid

Startup Kerala Summit is all set to begin and it will be held at Feb 7th and 8th at Marriot, Kochi. As part of the summit, KUSUM is hosting the startup pitches and sessions of the investor Cafe. For HNIs clients, the summit is dedicated by the Startup Angels. It was announced on December 2019, […]

No Plastic Packman Reaches Revenue of 20 crore in Couple of Months

No Plastic Packman Reaches Revenue of 20 crore in Couple of Months We have seen in so many fiction stories like Avengers, Superman or Batman, someone comes and saves the Earth. Now our desi Packman comes and he is saving Earth by saying no to plastic for delivery of goods. He is aligned with Amazon, […]

Interior design startup Super Surfaces bags $500k as a part of its Series A round

Interior design startup Super Surfaces recently said that it has raised $500,000 as a part of its Series A round led by NRI investor Vishnu Reddy, who is based out of Washington DC.   With the current funding, Super Surface is looking to scale up and grow its brand, while looking to achieve a delivery […]