How This Women Entrepreneur Is Creating Basic Earning For Women 

Women constitute around half of the total world population. So it is in India also. They are, therefore, regarded as the better half of society. In traditional societies, they were confined to the four walls of houses performing household activities. In modem societies, they have Come but of the four walls to participate in all […]

Consumer Buying Behavior

Decoding Consumer Buying Behavior Amid COVID-19 Crisis

Like we are all aware, the consumer currently has got confined to their respective homes during the lockdown period. The central aspect revolving around consumer behaviour shall be how the businesses carefully and empathetically deliver multiple experiences, including goods and services. The global impact of coronavirus has turned people’s lives and livelihoods upside down in a […]

The connected cars v2 by the blog story

Connected Cars – Future of The World

Article On Connected Cars By                                      Vikash Dwivedi   We never know when Sci-Fi fiction becomes a reality. In my childhood, I was very much fascinated by Holographic Projectors shown in the “Spiderman” cartoon. Gradually, I have seen […]

How Has Corona Virus Impacted The Indian Legal System?

How Has Coronavirus Impacted The Indian Legal System?

From memes to videos, from news links to social media statuses, from vigorous debates and discussions to social media forwards on relevant precautions, COVID-19 has been the singular topic of discussion and concern for people around the world. The virus, also termed as SARSnCov2, tends to directly attack Corona the respiratory systems of humans which […]

Balanced mind is key to avoid negativity and stress by theblogstory

Avoid negativity and stress during Lockdown Covid19

Negativity increased during Covid19 lockdown One of the easiest way is to pamper yourself. When we are bracing ourselves to fight Covid19 , another point is to fight negativity and stress. It has been seen that people are more and more getting adapted to stress and negativity due lockdown. Here are some tips to avoid […]

Be At Home, Be Healthy During Covid19 Times

Health and Fitness Apps During  Covid19 Times Pandemic which has brushed the world has left some positive notes also. Currently we are suffering during Coronavirus, a respiratory disease which has caused havoc among nations. Lockdown and home during Covid19 Struggle to get out of bed Yes, in the morning I feel why to get up , […]

How to create sellable content online

How to curate sellable content online

How to curate sellable content online The above stated statement has various pointers to be investigated. I have completed my research and gathered some treasure of creating sellable content . It is not necessary that content should contain ample keywords but it should surely have the things which are mentioned below: * Know your niche […]

How Online Gaming Is Kicking Off During Quarantine Time

Lockdown has left everyone at home, so we have plentyful of time and bountiful to eat. Covid19 has given one more boon, online gaming spike. Rather it has been that people are spending more and more time on online Gaming. At this time, where people have been locked up inside the homes due to Covid19, […]

New York City

The Home To Assorted Gastronomic Delights, New York!

Oh! Did You Just Say, New York? Undoubtedly, home to assorted gastronomic delights, New York is the ultimate stop for foodies all across the globe. From cheap eats to Michelin-star restaurants, the Big Apple has an immaculate variety to offer, for instance. And, here I got an opportunity to discover and visit them all. Now, […]

BookKeeper - Leaders In The Digital Financial Accounting System

Book Keeper – Digitalisation of Accounting System

Digital Accounting App – This is the latest Buzzword is used for more than a decade now. Now, it is time to amalgamate into the accounting systems also. Traditionally,there are so many ways to keep account books.Digitalisation is restructuring and reformatting of the financial services. This is refer as restyling of the financial services. Financial […]