Top 5 Digital Trends for 2020

Over the next few years, digital transformation trends will be metalling in the world. Among these are the digital transformation trends which are repetitive such as cloud, edge compute, Internet-of-Things and augmented reality. But few of the trends are here to stay and few will be transformed. It seems like the same school, but the […]

 Ways to think differently if you are millionaire

Ways to think differently if you are millionaire   What do you think the powerful people possess , they have nothing special but they are spontaneous to act. We all have that in us , and this is most powerful thing in the world and that is brain.You are born with it and super ability […]


As depression is taking toll on the masses, and so many people are apparently depressed for various reasons. So, it is time to take mental health on a SOS mode The culture we have created has made us dumb and scared to talk about our own feelings. We cannot talk freely about how we are […]

Maners : India’s Leading Events Promotional Agency

Maners : India’s Leading Events Promotional Agency Marketing a Brand is a simple art with complex approaches and is more like a jigsaw puzzle. This puzzle is solved by Maners, an offline marketing company that enhances your brand with end to end solution, starting right from brand positioning in the particular niche. Branding always requires ingenious strategies, multiple […]