How Online Gaming Is Kicking Off During Quarantine Time

Lockdown has left everyone at home, so we have plentyful of time and bountiful to eat. Covid19 has given one more boon, online gaming spike. Rather it has been that people are spending more and more time on online Gaming. At this time, where people have been locked up inside the homes due to Covid19, […]

21 days Lockdown Or 21 Days Think About Yourself

Lockdown due to coronavirus has impacted our lives in positive and negative manners. If we look, it is more on the positive side as we have time to ponder upon overselves. Enhance Parenting Skills For mother’s, they can enhance skilll related to parenting, teaching and cooking as maintaining home is quite tedious task along with […]

Positive News Passengers can book air and travel tickets from 15th April Onwards

Centre has indicated that there will be possibly no extension of lockdown which was caused due to pandemic of coronavirus. It has gripped the  whole world, but it seems that things are getting back on track, which were halted due to coronavirus and lockdown.  Centre is opening railways and air ticketing since 15th April  Centre has […]

69 Million MSME’s may shut shop during lockdown

A distraught condition in the Indian MSME’s which are about to  shutdown if the lockdown during pandemic of coronavirus persists. It seems that the lockdown can persists for the longer period of time as well, which can be four to eight weeks and many of the small scale sector will be facing cash crunch. It […]

5 Things which we can do during lockdown

There are tough times, happy times and there are weird times. Coronavirus is the pandemic which has made the world suffer. It has collapsed the economy and now we all under lockdown. Coronavirus is made the world stand still. The countries are into deep crisis but we all need to be hopeful during this deadly […]

BookKeeper - Leaders In The Digital Financial Accounting System

Book Keeper – Digitalisation of Accounting System

Digital Accounting App – This is the latest Buzzword is used for more than a decade now. Now, it is time to amalgamate into the accounting systems also. Traditionally,there are so many ways to keep account books.Digitalisation is restructuring and reformatting of the financial services. This is refer as restyling of the financial services. Financial […]

This Rs 320 Cr fashion brand sounds international but manufactures in Ludhiana

This Rs 320 Cr fashion brand sounds international but manufactures in Ludhiana In the 1980s, entrepreneur CL Duggar Jain realised that the Indian market for Western-style women’s clothing was ruled by Chinese and Thai imports.Madame, an Indian brand, sounds like International clothing brand, is situated at Ludhiana. It provides fashionable clothing range for women. He […]

Monk Metrics - Google ranking with ease

Monk Metrics – Rank With Ease

MonkMetrics – Leading SEO Agency In India Here are some snippets about Monk Metrics SEO was the shady practice of stuffing keywords, tweaking back-end code and spamming links until you started ranking well for the keywords you wanted. Thankfully, the scenarios have changed now. Read on to find out what Mukesh Kumar & Ulhas Sakhare, […]

OYO to sack thousands of employees

Oyo is restructuring and it is also planning to sack thousands of employees. It has been reported through Bloomberg that Oyo is terminating thousands of employees. It has been said that US and China employees will also suffer from this major development at the Oyo.  More than 25,000 employees will be affected by this development. […]

Coronavirus scare in Delhi

Coronavirus scare in Delhi Primary Schools

The cat is on loose and Coronavirus scare is in the whole Delhi city. No holi in the city and the Modi tries to deters from the Brussels visit. One of the key aspect of the Gurugram coronavirus is that the Paytm employee has the coronavirus scare and Italian residents have the maximum scare. Meanwhile […]