Consumer Buying Behavior

Decoding Consumer Buying Behavior Amid COVID-19 Crisis

Like we are all aware, the consumer currently has got confined to their respective homes during the lockdown period. The central aspect revolving around consumer behaviour shall be how the businesses carefully and empathetically deliver multiple experiences, including goods and services. The global impact of coronavirus has turned people’s lives and livelihoods upside down in a […]

Ankit Ohlan - Founder of Imagin Penguins

Imagine Penguins’ School ERP Minimizes Communication Gap!

Imagine Penguins’ School ERP Minimizes Communication Gap! Communication is an essential skill in life. Plus, it’s important to send and receive messages with clarity. For communication to work, everyone needs to know what is expected of them and why those expectations exist. Nowadays, there is an unsaid requirement for educational institutes to evolve keeping a […]

New York City

The Home To Assorted Gastronomic Delights, New York!

Oh! Did You Just Say, New York? Undoubtedly, home to assorted gastronomic delights, New York is the ultimate stop for foodies all across the globe. From cheap eats to Michelin-star restaurants, the Big Apple has an immaculate variety to offer, for instance. And, here I got an opportunity to discover and visit them all. Now, […]