Leading institute IIT Kanpur is in the race to develop Covid19 vaccines.

Home grown vaccine will be tested animals later this month.

In the latest development for the Covid19 vaccine race, IIT Kanpur is developing vaccine for it.

Team Das of IITK biological and bioengineering department is developing two vaccines.

Developing two vaccines, one is subunit, and another is live connected. This deadly virus has to lead the world to the disaster, and now the majority of Biochemistry firms are working towards the development of the vaccine for Covid19.

IITK found coronavirus vaccine

“We have received promising results on both the vaccines and within two months will be tested on the animals tells Das to Business Line.

Focus on  S Protein 

The entire A protein is not immunogenic something which accelerates immune; it is only a portion of this. So, IIITK scientists at working towards that A segment strand.

According to Swarup, among these efforts are a recombinant BCG vaccine candidate of Serum Institute of India, which would undergo Phase 3 clinical trials; a DNA vaccine from Cadila Healthcare; a safe inactivated rabies vector platform developed by Bharat Biotech and an mRNA vaccine from Gennova Biopharma Ltd. Besides these, the National Institute of Immunology would be developing a novel vaccine evaluation platform to support SARS-CoV-2 vaccine development in resource-limiting settings.