How to care for your pets in this Lockdown

Under the pandemic of Covid19, whole country is facing lockdown conditions, it means we are not allowed to move out of our houses.

Staying Isolated and What About Your Pets

If our cats and dogs were on social media, they might be jealous of goats and deers running around parks of Chandigarh.

Pets are jealous with the deers and antelope on streets of Punjab by the blogstory Currently, our pets are staying at homes. It is said every dog has it’s day, maybe it is not for them.

Squirrel still a squirrel by theblogstory

Squirrel Still A Squirrel – Hopping on trees 

How our pets are coping up with Lockdown

Like humans, pets also have similar issues of exercise, mood and weight while pets stay at home.

What Is Trick To Make Your Pet Active During Lockdown

Make pussycat active by theblogstory

People are scared when a Tiger at United States zoo tested positive along with few dogs are Singapore.

Tiger got coronavirus in United States by theblogstory

When Tiger Got Infected

But chances of getting infected with Covid19 are really slim for dogs.

In the doghouse

As dogs and cats are our constant companions at homes, it is very easy for them to pick up stress.

Active dogs and cats by theblogstory

And when it comes to their physical health stress should be come on their diet and exercise. Urban pets are used to live in small houses so it is essential for them to take up exercise and make them adaptive to routine.

Why not go online and teach some tricks to keep your pet fit and healthy


Dietary changes should depend on how much food your pet is eating. One should also ♥keep weight monitor to check it at regular intervals. 

Staying at home can make cats depressed by theblogstory

Walk along with your pet on the terrace

Take a ball and play in the balcony

Let them play in the backyard

Let your cat play in the backyard by Theblogstory

My cat on the tree

Have patience with them

Beautiful white kitten by theblogstory

Cuddle with kindness ❤️❤️❤️