Memories are part of our past and visualisation of our future. Our memory is coherance. It guides us how to move on.

Memories by theblogstory

Our brain is filled with memories of past, some are happy, sad or some have no emotions at all.

Since childhood we accumulate memories and it gives us sense of well being.

Our brain cells or neurons store the memory but sometimes it become difficult to let go a sad happening.

Eradicating Sad Memories

Brain is powerful medium to store memories. In order to eradicate painful memories, we need to clean our subconscious mind too.

Story of memory by theblogstory

Furthermore , try to identify your triggers . Every mind has a different trigger so try and identify it and avoid it.

Memory Eraser 

 One technique is memory erasor in the extreme conditions. It is drug induced technique, which destroys selective neurons and erases memories.

As Covid 19 pandemic is on the los, so it is seen that people are accumulating more and more sad memories.

So, it is better to avoid it and be Happy.