F&B  requires passes to deliver essential to common people 

 Large companies like Britannia, Parle, Dabur, #Nestle  and others want passes to clear the check points.And also others want it to be coined as the essential sector. 

In the recent pandemic, consumers are also involved in panic buying. To avoid this drastic situation, F & B companies want  it term it as “essential sector” to avoid shortages of food on the retail shelves. The letters are addressed to Consumer Affairs Ministry by the FICCI ( Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry) 

Factories wants to create a platform where the farmers should be facilitated. As the lockdown due to Covid 19 Pandemic intensifies, it is seen that farmers will also face the tough time ahead.

Through the letter they have provided some clear guidelines and also have distincted into essential and non essential food items. It is also mentioned they are facing tough time through administrators , who are asking them to shut down operations.


It is also mentioned that these restrictions will have a direct impact on the farmers and their produce.

However, companies ensure that they will maintain a  strict level of hygiene and visitors won’t be allowed and they will maintain extensive sanitization of the factories.