Millions of damaged mobiles, refrigerators and other electrical appliances have been piled up for repairs.

Standstill of world during Covid 19 

Electronic world has seen a new challenge, around 70,000 mobiles and other electrical appliances are piled up during the lockdown period in India.

As the summers are approaching, more and more people are opting for A.C.

Indians locked indoor and electrical appliances are damaged including AC and fridges 

There are another more than 30,000 microwave ovens, AC and washing machines which needs repair at a time when Indians are locked indoors and doing household chores themselves amidst lockdown.

It is said that lot of gadgets are dysfunctional and need urgent repair, which not at all possible during lockdown period, which is extended.

70 % of the service stations are closed due to lockdown. The migrant labourer is also not available and they went away to homes due to lack of food and other basic resources.

Online Electrical Help

Many companies are running online help videos in a limited way to help customers.

Pankaj Mahindroo, ICEA Chairman says that more than 900 mobile phones are in use and it is a necessity.

Kerala has allowed shops to sell and repair mobile phones

Amidst lockdown, Kerala has allowed shops to sell and repair mobile phones every Sunday with restrictions.

India might ease restrictions after 20th April 

Yesterday India extended lockdown, till 3rd of May. Though PM Modi said some ease of restrictions will be executed after 20th April’s if the Coronavirus  is curtailed.