1. India has seen surge in voice calls during the lockdown period. One of the key reason is to avoid boredom as we are isolated and sitting back at home.

One of the inputs from the Sales Manager Preeti Ghosh,  that she tried to rebond with her friend , whom she has lost contact 16 years ago. Ghosh is only the single person , there are numerous issues like this, which has resulted in the surge of voice calling across nation during lockdown

 How it impacting mental well being of the individual during lockdown 

As the voice calls have surged around 15 to 20 % after 25th March, that was during lockdown period.

People are satisfied when they speak to their loved ones and close ones. A streak of satisfaction is created as they cannot meet them face to face.

Giving sense of security and try not to feel lonely

Speaking on call creates a sense of security and it also beats lonliness, that is engulfing people these days during lockdown.

Voice connects to people faster and also heals the mind by providing security 

This spike in the voiwww.tce calling is mainly due to the migrant population who are working in metros and towns. Though it was chat and texting before, but now it is calling as the voice provides sense of security to the listener.

Zoom has boomed 

Recently online app for virtual meetings have been up and running. An app known as Zoom, for holding virtual meetings for office as well as family and friends. Network is also clogging up due to surge in the calls from families, office and school students for the virtual classes.

Though the frequency of the call is less but the duration of call has increased, which has spiked during 21 days lockdown period.

3 G replaced with 4 G

Meanwhile reliance Jio offers where as its rivals Bharti Airtel, Idea and Vodafone offers 2G, 3G and 4G networks.

Isolation gives the benefit of calling and listening to people.