Covid19 has impacted everyone’s  live in drastic manners. Post Covid19 Protocol at workplace will strictly adhered.

World will change it’s course

Stricter levels of checking at all public transports will be ensured. It is proposed that post Covid19 there will be Virus checking machines at the entry points of the buses, which ensure the safety of the commuters from Covid19. Even flights will have middle seat vacant in order to prevent coronavirus spread

Buses will have infrared check for fever post covid19 stratergy by the blogstory

Indian manufacturing center’s are bracing themselves from the trauma of Covid19 , by ensuring the upkeep and proper routing checkups of the labourers.

Fumigation Chambers For the Bigger Factories 

There are numerous factories in India, who dozens of labourers, so in order to combat the post Covid19 spread, stricter protocol will be braced by the factories.

Fumigation process for all the labourers before entering into the factories will be conducted by the factories.

Workplaces will not be same

Workplaces will ensure safety of the employees post Covid19 days by strict protocol.

India after post Covid19 by the blogstory and the Hindu

“Employee safety is first and I ensure every step will be taken to safeguard employees post Covid 19. Workplaces are more prone towards the disease as the distance is quite less ” said Neeraj Chopra, MD Joltme Electrovision Pvt. Ltd.

Hygiene is must at the workplace and government is working on SOP

( Standard Operating Procedure) for all companies and factories. Recommendation for all factories and companies will be required.

The empowered group dealing with agricultural issues is scheduled to meet this week, according to those in the know, to work out a new format for grain markets and fruit and vegetable mandis to ensure physical distancing norms and that due precautions are taken at every step from loading and unloading of goods to placement of goods and their purchase in the markets.

Several governments are already holding meeting that how to plan the strategy to combat the post Covid19 by various protocols.