1. Negativity increased during Covid19 lockdown

One of the easiest way is to pamper yourself.

When we are bracing ourselves to fight Covid19 , another point is to fight negativity and stress.

It has been seen that people are more and more getting adapted to stress and negativity due lockdown.

Here are some tips to avoid stress and negativity at home during lockdown

1. Keep your mind busy

Our mind is the key, it is only way by which we can divert negative thoughts into positive thoughts. Mind is very powerful, what we think, we become.

Balanced mind is key to avoid negativity and stress by theblogstory

All the powers in the universe are already ours. It is we who have put our hands before our eyes and cry that it is dark.

The above quote is by Swami Vivekananda, pioneer of spirituality.

He said clearly that power is within you, just needs to be explored.

2. Meditate

One of the key to the lock is to mediate. If you have any mantra then it is perfect or just sit back and listen to vibrations of OM.

Self help mediation by simply reciting Om is extremely beneficial.

Om meditation during Covid19 days, self help by #TMtheblogstory

3. Speak to someone

It has been seen that due lockdown Covid19, domestic violence has increased. In order to avoid domestic violence speak to someone, develop a hobby of painting or reading self help books will help a lot during Covid19 lockdown, which is expected to go further till April 30.

Speak to someone during Covid19 lockdown by theblogstory

4. Pamper Yourself

In order to avoid stress and negativity during Covid19 lockdown, pamper yourself. It will help in increasing mental wellbeing and overall appearance.

Pamper yourself during Covid19 by the blogdtory

There is old saying

“Look Good and You Will Feel Good”

In the morning we all have stress of jobs and financial worries too, but we need to happy in order to survive this Covid19 Times in a brave manner.

Looking forward for some nice inputs from all readers.