The aviation and ecommerce sector is already crippled by the pandemic COVID19.

How it change the aviation sector 

The aviation sector will opened on 15th April, but the social distancing and other norms will be imposed on the air bound travellers.

Aviation sector post covid 19 by theblogstory

One cannot buy easily from the duty free outlets.


From planes flying at almost half the capacity to no duty-free shopping at airports, aviation in the post-lockdown period is going to be tough. Indian airlines and airports will have to comply with strict social distancing norms until the corona virus pandemic is over, according to a set of protocol that the regulator is framing.
Middle seat will be empty during the latest norm to ensure social distancing as the distance will be maintained .
The last three rows will be empty to ensure the passenger should not develop the symptoms mid air .
Airlines will also reduce mid air services as it will reduce the communication between cabin crew and passengers
Queue is also the major problem during Flying and it will be avoids during the pair Covid19 days.
It is seen that social distancing is easy to maintain in the open spaces but it is tough to maintain in confined space like aircraft as the space is less and people are more.
So, aviation industry needs to place measures more strictly and stringently in order to maintain the safety of the passengers in the Covid 19 times.