WhatsApp to impose restrictions M

and Spam In By Various Social Media Channels Including WhatsApp and FACEBOOK 

the advent of digital media, information and misinformation both spread quickly.So, leaders in communication, WhatsApp is now applying restrictions on users.

In the tough times of Coronavirus epidemic, it is seen that major misinformation is spread on the social media channels.

There are various channels which spread information rather  common public are using it  to infuse various types of panic and scare in the mind of fellow people.

Social media channels like WhatsApp , Facebook and other are taking stricter measures to combat such a folly.

Latest update from WhatsApp states that it is trying to introduce new limit on forward messages, which will avoid misinformation. It is the latest effort from WhatsApp to curtail misinformation.

This will reduce spam and misinformation which takes place during forward messages.

WhatsApp is creating restrictions by theblogstory

Facebook is also moving into the similar stream as it is also imposing Restrictions on the spread of viral misinformation.

“Is Forwarding Messages Bad” 


“Forwarding Misinformation and Spam Is Bad”

Moreover WhatsApp is seen as the place where personal messages should be exchanged and now more and more misinformation is spread, be it regarding casualities of Covid19 or any previous information breach, which has happened numerous time on the social media channels.

Role of social media channels during Covid19

Though WhatsApp is working on helping people by working with Government of India, in building helplines which will help lacs of people. It is also helping in the various other measures in by building measures for the

So much information spread has also attracted scammers , who have taken advantage of people’s generosity and taking millions of amount.

How Media Is Also Coming Forward During Covid19 Times 

Coronavirus outbreak has affected different facets of the media industry. On one hand it has jeopardized all future film/television shows/music video shoots, that involve outdoor/indoor locations and significant human contact. Many of the projects have been put on hold due to social distancing. Even live entertainment which includes sporting events, live music and dance shows have been cancelled or postponed.
But now media is coming forward by creating videos on #Stayathomestayfit and publishing it on social media channels like YouTube.

There are various measures which has been taken by the social media channels and media houses to combat this pandemic.