Imagine Penguins’ School ERP Minimizes Communication Gap!

Communication is an essential skill in life. Plus, it’s important to send and receive messages with clarity. For communication to work, everyone needs to know what is expected of them and why those expectations exist.

Nowadays, there is an unsaid requirement for educational institutes to evolve keeping a steady pace with society and its demands. Are you, as an institution, ready to face the challenges posed by today’s competitive educational environment?  And, further, of course with the technological advancements taking place? If not, then do not fret over it! 

Imagine Penguins is here to assist. This startup proves its efforts towards establishing solid and seamless communication among educational institutes, teachers, parents and students. Under the dynamic vision of their Founder, Ankit Ohlan, the team sent afloat their innovative digital product named School ERP. It promotes students’ optimal growth and development in all aspects of life. 

Let’s talk about how. School ERP lays the foundation towards minimizing communication problems, reducing the barriers to effective communication and creating an environment where open communication is valued. We, at The Blog Story, recently bumped into Mr Ohlan and learned about his startup, his journey as the Founder and how School ERP helps the education system. 

Who is Ankit Ohlan? What do people recognize him as? 

Haha! I (Ankit Ohlan) am the Founder of Imagine Penguins. People also recognize me as an independent brand consultant. Previous to this, I worked as a marketing intern with Zimyo. 

Kindly tell us a bit about ‘Imagine Penguins’?

Imagine Penguins is a new era digital branding startup. School ERP is our very own digital product. It’s a cloud-based school ERP system, also available as a mobile app that automates mundane manually done management tasks, bridges the communication gap between the students and teaching faculty and among each other. Additionally, it tracks individual performances with cutting edge technology.

What prompted you to begin your startup? What problem is it designed to solve?

This question makes me reflect on an unfortunate incident from November 2019. I missed out on appearing for my college exam due to lack of communication with the college. I remember being busy back then with my startup, related to sustainable fashion. 

The only modes of effective communication between students and college authority during those days were email and WhatsApp. And, I failed to spot through the concerned email notice regarding the upcoming exam. Since then, this incident had been lingering in my mind.  

Off lately, while interning with a Gurugram-based HR technology Company – Zimyo – I got the inspiration to build an efficient management system that could assist to facilitate better communication and automate manually performed administrative tasks for any educational institute. 

Although ERP systems have been in place ever since people lack awareness about the same. The reason being a poor user interface or design. Due to which nobody ever used the app and its popularity hit the rocks. Thus, as a digital branding agency, we ensured to take up designing as our primary forte.

Where is your startup based out of?

Currently, we are situated out of New Delhi. However, we are looking forward to moving to Gurugram in the coming days.

How difficult is it to maintain a work-life balance as a Startup Founder? How do you go about managing it?

Like they say, good things don’t come easy. It’s a bit challenging to strike that perfect work-life balance during the early stages of a startup where you have several tasks to take care of. Adding the fact that everything has to be done on your own which requires a lot of time. So, the obvious results are losing touch with your friends and spending lesser time with your loved ones. But, if you are a firm believer of your abilities, things change. Your goal seems nearer as you strive to achieve the best.

Imagine Penguins Team
Imagine Penguins Team

What were the initial hurdles you faced as a startup? How did you overcome them?

As a recently launched startup, we face hurdles now and then. But, we have grown stronger together as a team and now, are a closely-knit family. The biggest block on the road was to build a great team. It took me a couple of months and eventually, we found each other. I feel blessed to have an exceptionally gifted and talented team with passionate people by my side – Shashank Jangra, Rukesh Kumar, Amit Sangwan and Rajkishor Jha – Cofounders at Imagine Penguins.

What exactly is School ERP? How is it bringing about the required changes in the particular segment?

School ERP is a complete suite that takes the learning experience to a new level altogether. It automates administrative manually-performed tasks, enables real-time encrypted communication among faculty, students and parents which bridges the communication gap. 

It features academics, attendance, fee management and a diverse range of 50+ learning modules that automate everything that generates insightful reports to make better decisions. 

Moreover, it also provides access to a centralized cloud-based secure database through the mobile app where students can check their data, whether it’s their attendance, syllabus or schedules.