How to curate sellable content online

The above stated statement has various pointers to be investigated. I have completed my research and gathered some treasure of creating sellable content . It is not necessary that content should contain ample keywords but it should surely have the things which are mentioned below:

* Know your niche area

You are expert at writing on skincare and you are writing technology, soon it will burst your mind and you will feel bored. Gather your wits and always write on the topic you love to write, as writing requires your soul not your mind. Remember it is creativity and it never emerges from boredom.

* Use keywords and subheadings

As per the statistics, sellable content is something which is has ample keywords and not stuffed. This is improve your findability on the web.

Don’t forget about subheadings.

* Conduct research

When you research about any topic, various things come up and it is quite vital while writing sellable content.

Research helps in curating a well articulated article which creates curiosity in the reader’s mind and he or she digs further. Another factor is that it builds trust in the reader’s mind and the pitch is not the sales pitch which is extremely important.

Always keep in mind that people loves stories not sales pitch.

* Make great headlines

How the content sells and how you should create reader value to it

In the fast pacing world, particularly in the digital world, it requires 10 sec  for the reader to you only have 10 sec with you to grab the reader’s attention.

How you will do this ?

By curating magical headlines which will make your content sellable like hot cake.  Always address your reader and he or she will feel personalised.

* Last but not the least to create sellable and readable content

Engage readers, ask for feedbacks. This is not only value addition but it is also time saving. How it is time saving you might be wondering?

Simple, you are getting inputs from your reader segment on the improvement part, what else you need.

So, your sellable content is ready.

How to create sellable content online