Digital Accounting App – This is the latest Buzzword is used for more than a decade now. Now, it is time to amalgamate into the accounting systems also. Traditionally,there are so many ways to keep account books.Digitalisation is restructuring and reformatting of the financial services. This is refer as restyling of the financial services. Financial Apps are posing new wave to the lengthy financial systems of the companies.

There are so many complex systems of customer services, machine learning, time consuming operations, to more simplified structure, right at the helm, this is developed by the Book Keeper.

Here, Book Keeper has developed cutting edge technology which eases the discomfort of keeping books and papers. This affordable and easy to use accounting system.

BOOK KEEPER, a cutting edge complete mobile and desktop accounting solution that enables its customers to make bills and do their accounting on the go in an easy and efficient manner.

The company is primarily focused on making lives of entrepreneurs easy by its unique features that differentiate itself from its competitors and allows them to maintain their company books, on their Smartphone/Tablet/PC. The company is one of the early movers in India to get accounting solutions on mobile at a very reasonable price starting from INR 199 per month. Apart from India, Book Keeper is successfully providing its services to business owners in Sri Lanka, UAE, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Zimbabwe, Bahrain, Nigeria, Uganda, Philippines, Nepal and Lebanon.


Founded in 2013 by young entrepreneurs – Varun Mendiratta, Rohit Kumar Birla, Rajat Shail and Vaibhav Puri, is based in New Delhi. The idea to develop an accounting app struck one of the founder – Varun Mendiratta, during the last year of his post graduation in June 2011, when he saw his brother, a trader who travelled a lot for business carry a laptop everywhere for accounting purposes.

Founder of Book Keeper – Varun Mendiratta 

There weren’t any accounting mobile apps back then in the market. So Varun started work on the Book Keeper app along with his friends, Abhishek Behl, Rohit Birla and Vaibhav Puri. Book Keeper has around 100,000 active users in the last 6 years with a rating of 4.5 plus on play store and App store and is used in more than 50 countries.

Founder  of Book Keeper – Rajat Shail 

With Book Keeper, the businesses can have accounting on Mobile and Desktop; synced and updated real time so the business owners can get their financial data handy and take wise business decisions with their Business Dashboards and 30 plus Reports available on the go and swiftly without waiting for their accounts person or CA to update. The target market for Book Keeper is SMBs who use Excel/Paper Notes, or online or offline accounting software to maintain their accounts.

Whereas, Digitalization is the change in social, business and economic behavior on the adoption of new technology.


Book Keeper has a unique USP when compared to its peers. The fact that it makes their own technology puts them in a unique spot where they combine their accounting experience with technological prowess in a way that solves the real underlying problems business owners face on an ongoing basis. This self reliant combination has provided them with an edge to develop solutions such that is user friendly and cost effective.

The DIY platform helps small businesses in various forms of account management like managing GST-Compliant invoicing, Inventory management, Keep track of unpaid and overdue invoices, maintain record of salary structures, generate sales order or estimates; Issue purchase order, comprehensive financial reports etc.

Some other useful tools & functionalities developed by them are:

  • Focus on Product and continuous improvement in product for our customers
  • Ensure mobility of business and accounts for our customers via our mobile application
  • Dedicated customer support
  • Easy to use and Affordable pricing
  • Do it Yourself -Accounting App
  • Innovative UI/UX Experience
  • Offline/Online Mode
  • Cross Platform Compatible
  • Sync Across Devices between mobile and desktop via third party ex. Dropbox
  • Multi User

Apart from above, Book Keeper offers unique features like Bar Code generation, POS compatible for billing purpose, E commerce integration and Cheque printing which are hard to find in any other accounting application at such an attractive price.


Book Keeper aims to target the hundreds of millions of small business in developing economies like India, SE Asia and Africa and other developed markets. It is focussing on improving its brand visibility and acceptability.