The cat is on loose and Coronavirus scare is in the whole Delhi city. No holi in the city and the Modi tries to deters from the Brussels visit.

One of the key aspect of the Gurugram coronavirus is that the Paytm employee has the coronavirus scare and Italian residents have the maximum scare. Meanwhile coronavirus deaths across the globe are 3,285 and more than 95,000 are confirmed cases.

Top leaders of Indian government have decided to go against colourful Holi as it would attract the mass gatherings.

Coronavirus scare has spread over 78 countries and it has been in the countries like Italy, Iran, Japan, South Korea and United States. In Iran , previously there were reports that Indians are infected but no Indian is infected till now,”MEA has confirmed it.

In Telangana, there has been scare that the novel virus is spreading but that is not the case and both the patients has been test negative.In Noida, more than three schools have been sanitised and the scare of the spread of the coronavirus through Italian was there, but no citizen is contacted.

Yesterday the schools in Delhi have been shut down due to the coronavirus scare and one person in Delhi have tested positive during the medical examination. Several of the students of the school, which were from the birthday party were feared infected were from the birthday party.