Indian startups surface on the river and disappear into the ocean but Turbostart wants each of Indian startup to stay and become Bodhi Tree. 

India is becoming one of the largest ecosystem in the world for the startups. It has influx of numerous seedlings of both hard-shells and soft shells. The statistics says that total of 49,000 startups have emerged in the given period of time. They have also  generated total estimated fundings of $51 Million but sometimes the seeds don’t even start to incept.

Startups, if you wish to scale aggressively then go to

Turbostart – Ek Jagah Yaha Sab Gyaan Milega

It is an sector agnostic PAN India startup which helps in achieving startups great heights. According to a Oxford economics, startups fails within first five years of inception.It provides Entrepreneur friendly programmes which helps in startups to scale heights.

One needs to apply for it and it have a fixed criteria.

Mr.Ganesh Raju is founder of Turbostart and first cohort programme was launched in October 2019.

The application process is rigorous but it is worth it. Benefits are that one can get funding till 7 crore,strategy consulting, business model, validation of business model,capital, HR Strategies and many more.

Startups go for it.