This AI based startup already predicted about the Coronavirus

WHO is said to predict about the coronavirus but this AI startup has already about the Coronavirus outbreak. Now the researchers from all the three continents are said to search the vaccines for the coronavirus. 

Although the Chinese agencies have already searched for the real causative agent of the deadly coronavirus, which has already infected thousands of people and hundreds have died due to it. 

But the Canadian firm named BlueDot has completed the surveillance and they have already predicted about the Coronavirus. They have an AI database which has researched and systems through the plant and animal disease database. 

Meanwhile the “Global Airline Ticketing “ database was further used for the prediction of the Coronavirus. 

Various machine learning processes and various databases are used which help in processing the information which analysed the results. Various trained epidemic professionals have picked out the conclusion and attached to the various databases. 

Since the coronavirus continues to spread in China at quite a rapid pace, its speed cannot be constricted to China only, in fact the first case of Coronavirus is said to be reported in another Asian country India. The State is Kerala. 

It has been reported that Facebook has stopped its employees from traveling to China and the travel restrictions have been imposed by the various countries. 


Also a girl patient in Bihar who has recently visited China is the latest case of Coronavirus.