Gurugram based Zomato India acquired by Uber Eats

All stock transactions was announced on Tuesday. It gives Uber a 9.99 % stake in Zomato.

All the customer details, such as order, pickup, delivery and others will be transferred to Uber and it will further redirect to Zomato. This will continue for the period of six months in the stretch by Uber Eats. Though Zomato is not going to absorb Uber India team.

The further usage of Uber App will also be considered.

This rally will move further and drop down the vehicle which are making losses. The company turned profitable last May and since then it is trying to make profitable.

Deepinder Goyal, who is co-founder and CEO of the Zomato, says that it will help the company to strengthen it’s position in the food delivery and food tech space.

One more insight news says that Amazon is all set to make entry into the food tech. 

Though there is no denying that the food technology and digitalisation has given a new shape to the restaurant, and most of the delivery places are closing down to the 5000 orders a day.

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