No Plastic Packman Reaches Revenue of 20 crore in Couple of Months

We have seen in so many fiction stories like Avengers, Superman or Batman, someone comes and saves the Earth. Now our desi Packman comes and he is saving Earth by saying no to plastic for delivery of goods. He is aligned with Amazon, Flipkart, Samsung and Bosh.

Plastic Threat Is Destroying Our Earth and It Is One of The Potential Threats For The Growth 

For the packaging he is using paper based packing and air columns which is helpful to handle and has no plastic hazard.This is very similar to the paper boards and packets which are used for packing of LED, shoes and electronics etc. Packman also uses corrugated bubble wraps and packings.

Packman is registered and based at Delhi and has annual turnover of 20 crore.

With no plastic regime, this Delhi based packman is earning 20 crore.

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