Over the next few years, digital transformation trends will be metalling in the world. Among these are the digital transformation trends which are repetitive such as cloud, edge compute, Internet-of-Things and augmented reality.

But few of the trends are here to stay and few will be transformed. It seems like the same school, but the curriculum will be revised. There will be some core technological services which will dominate the discussions but it will continue to create a foundation for the future digital transformation journey. It is also highly unlikely that people abstain from the use of social media, in fact everyone avails services of social media as it has become an integral part of online marketing.

If we analyse the trend then due to its ubiquitous nature, social media affects the product purchase behaviour of the audience.

This also reflects a tremendous opportunity for start-ups and growth as statistics show that 72% of audiences on Instagram and almost 5,000-plus Pinterest users have found new products which are not available at the offline market.

Among them, 5G, artificial intelligence (AI), advanced data analytics, RPA and data scraping will hold the future for the Digital Revival In 2020.


Surprisingly, the year 2020 will be the year of 5G.This is going to be revolutionising year for 5G.

Robotics or Artificial Intelligence

More and more changes in the day to day technology can lead to unemployment. Recently I was speaking to one of my friend who is working as a research analyst in an MNC.

AI and Machine Learning Investment

If me being a company is investing in the AI and machine learning, then it is mandatory to invest in AI.

RPA Will be New Fad

Robotics Process Automation is not new but it is the most discreet fruit in the AI. But the technological changes and advancements will see the investments pouring in from all the sectors.