Maners : India’s Leading Events Promotional Agency

Marketing a Brand is a simple art with complex approaches and is more like a jigsaw puzzle. This puzzle is solved by Maners, an offline marketing company that enhances your brand with end to end solution, starting right from brand positioning in the particular niche. Branding always requires ingenious strategies, multiple designing and research of products and services that connects with the audience which further leads to new customer acquisitions.

Being a corporate communication trainer for 8+ years till 2015, Mr. Asmik Gaba decided to make an industry shift and, built a team offering ROI driven offline marketing and branding services. He named it Maners. Aiming to catch the pulse of the audience being catered, designated promotional frameworks and bringing prominence to the brand’s entity and visibility, has been the vision for Maners. There are instances where Asmik face challenges but he sternly believes in Steve Jobs quote “ if you look closely, most overnight successes took a long time” and this helps him to keep moving strong and steadily.    A difference created by Maners – Leading Offline Marketing Agency In Northern India    Who doesn’t want to bring down the customer acquisition cost, here Asmik vividly replies, ”Our team of industry experts have always played a key role in brainstorming with the brand teams in order to plan and execute various kinds of offline marketing drives. Doing so, has not only helped us to achieve targeted cost per new customer acquisitions but also, retain brands like Swiggy, Suprdaily, No broker and more as our esteemed clientele.

How To Promote A Brand In India Using Offline Methods  

We have seen an influx of social media and online branding, but if you see, people still go out during the weekend. Offline branding and marketing practices do attract number of customers which does lead to an increase in traffic on online portals and applications. In the brick and click industry, thumbs up is still on the offline mode as, tradition of print and promotion never fades away. Most of the consumer driven e-commerce start-ups do initiate marketing themselves using both brick and the click methods. Maners firmly asserts that brick and click strategy is of utmost importance and, various brand promotional strategies are a medium to empower the budding start-ups.

Planning An Offline Marketing Campaign – Plan An Event – Go For Maners

Even promotions and branding is quite a potpourri. Acting as an offline marketing partner, there are several prerequisites which have to be kept in mind for example, a freelance promoter being sourced, his/ her product knowledge, verbal communication, intend to perform, grooming and being well versed with the technology are key essentials he/ she should possess. Formulating strategies varies basis offerings and targeted audience for the brand. There are several reasons why one should prefer an offline marketing agency like Maners as, it creates strategies that further persuade customers, engage and bring them on board for the brand. Thus, it leads to an elevation in brand sales, market presence and share.

With many exciting projects in the pipeline, Maners have acted as a launch partner to brands like Suprdaily, Truebasics, Oxford caps and No broker (Primarily in Delhi/ NCR) during the last 6 months. Bringing 20+ years of event management experience collectively within the team, Maners has been conceptualizing, planning and executing projects undertaken and continue to do so.

This article is curated by Mr Asmik Gaba, who leads the team at Maners and is operating out of Delhi.